Peacekeeper Featured In Case Study By Embarcadero Technologies

Peacekeeper Enterprises (in Bakersfield, CA) teamed up with Embarcadero Technologies to create a case study about a solution using Delphi for one of Peacekeeper’s clients in the oil and gas industry. A SaaS provider had a large oil and gas customer that needed a solution that could help its workers perform more efficiently in the field. In the past, crew members carried paper binders full of documentation outlining a wide range of safety and operational procedures. Given there was little to no internet connectivity on job sites, workers were unable to use the web to read documentation or upload content.

The SaaS provider decided that a more expedient and efficient way to manage documentation would be to provide those workers with mobile devices (i.e. iPads) that would enable them to store data for uploading when they return to home base. The provider then approached Peacekeeper Enterprises to develop the front end software for the project. Peacekeeper decided to use Embarcadero’s Delphi platform to build an enterprise level app to address the client’s needs.

Read the full case study about Peacekeeper’s use of Delphi over on Embarcadero’s website.

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