Our Team

Noah Mapstead, CSM

Chief Technology Officer – Peacekeeper Enterprises, LLC.

Working for your money is well….work. The key is making it work for you. I believe that what is good for the customer is good for the company. Contributing to philanthropic efforts is also very important.

Specialties: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Andrew Anger

Software Programmer Intern – Peacekeeper Enterprises, LLC.

Experienced Technician skilled in Visual Basic, Microsoft Word, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Indesign CC, and Adobe Design Programs. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology – BTech focused in Computer Software and Media Applications from Independence University.

Cesar Nuno

Programmer – Peacekeeper Enterprises, LLC.

Jason Thai

Programmer – Peacekeeper Enterprises, LLC.

CSUB graduate of Computer Science with GPA of 3.37. I’ve done game development and computer graphics in C++, an Android app in Java and Android Studio, participated in a Hackathon by myself and made a visual representation of sound using JavaScript, and a few other projects in other areas of programming. I’m continuing to study in other languages such as C#, SQL, and Python. Currently working as a C#/.NET programmer in an Agile/Scrum environment using Jira, Flowfinity, and a few other new skills along the way.

Miguel Trigueros

Programmer – Peacekeeper Enterprises, LLC.