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KBA is a Bakersfield-based oilfield services company providing well equipment installation and maintenance services. Thanks to Peacekeeper’s custom software, KBA now leverages paperless, efficient, cost-effective solutions for business process management, payroll, safety compliance, and expense tracking. Our offline-capable, tablet-based solution for safety compliance alone has increased KBA’s return on investment 16 fold, according to the company’s cofounder. Through Flowfinity and Progress Reporting and Web UI tools, Peacekeeper can provide KBA with real-time dashboard visualizations of field data, professional-grade reports, and in-depth management-of-change workflows for billing documents.

RHC is an industrial construction company with offices in California and Texas. Peacekeeper provides them with a fully-featured, custom software solution for payroll time tracking and reporting. Through a Xamarin-based mobile app, RHC supervisors use QR-code badges to rapidly clock in teams of employees on the field. The Android compatible app provides automatic, secure synchronization for time and location data, along with an offline mode for low-connectivity worksites. An Angular-based web application grants office administrators access to a wealth of payroll reporting services, including overtime calculation, meal break tracking, and audit logging. In addition to payroll, Peacekeeper provides integration between Geotab and Viewpoint software for managing human resources and monitoring equipment readings.

Schlumberger is the world’s largest provider of oilfield services. Peacekeeper has had the opportunity to work closely with Schlumberger on custom solutions to simplify their business processes. Schlumberger leverages our mobile, offline-capable solution for paperless safety standards compliance on a daily basis. Our custom-designed web application centralizes and speeds up the approval process for billing documents while strictly enforcing security divisions between departments. This is an ongoing relationship with future projects in the works.

CSTC provides California with safety training across local, state, and federal agencies as well as providing on site vehicle inspections. Peacekeeper has provided CSTC with a paperless, mobile software solution to simplify their vehicle inspection process.

Manufacturing Company

800-person manufacturing company desired a way to share newsletter information with its employees. Sharepoint 365 was chosen because of the existing public apps for iOS and Android.

Also developed a Shop Floor management tool for “If Not Why Not” tracking to improve accountability and efficiency.


Palla Ag

Palla Ag is a Bakersfield-based agricultural services company. Peacekeeper has been able to provide Palla Ag with a paperless, mobile solution for produce inspection in compliance with UC Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We also provide an accurate, real-time pesticide inventory tracking solution that integrates directly with Agrian software to automatically retrieve pesticide application work orders. Using Flowfinity, our solution allows field workers to record detailed chemical usage data, while Progress-powered reporting and UI tools let administrators leverage the data to guarantee accurate billing and effective use of materials. We also provide pesticide application and re-entry tracking, along with equipment maintenance workflows.