Peacekeeper Enterprises Congratulates The Winning Teams At Startup Weekend Bakersfield 2017

Techstars Startup Weekend event was held between November 17 and November 19, 2017 in Bakersfield, California. The Startup Weekend events are about bringing together entrepreneurs for meeting new people, building, and launching new products in a hackathon environment. The teams had 54 hours to build out their idea and the best execution of the idea (based on validation, business model, technical, and design) won the competition. A panel of three judges decided the winners at the end of the event after each team presented a 5 minute pitch.

1st Place: Team Medi+Pal won first place and consisted of Emma, Krystal, and Sergio plus Tamara and Eli from Peacekeeper Enterprises. The solution that Team Medi+Pal built was an enterprise SaaS HIPAA compliant system for deploying into hospitals to better patient outcomes by reducing response times. Embarcadero Delphi helped power the team to victory with it’s rapid application development style. The winning team received ~$7,000 worth of startup accelerator style services like hosting and such. Check out a full write up!

Congratulations to Emma, Krystal, Sergio, Tamara, and Eli of Team “Medi+Pal” for winning first place at Startup Weekend Bakersfield 2017!

2nd Place: Team CarECycle won second place for their solution for recycling car parts through an online marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers of used car parts from junk yards and other locations. Omar from Peacekeeper Enterprises was part of Team CarECycle and helped secure their win.

Congratulations to Omar and the rest of his team on their second place win with CarECycle!

3rd Place: Team Seed won third place with their farm to table solution for tagging where you food comes from and allowing you to track it from the farm to your table using their QR code app.

Congratulations to Team Seed for their third place win and the rest of the teams for participating in the event!

Medi+Pal Startup Weekend Winning App

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