Rapid Application Development

Peacekeeper Enterprises provides application development services for the web and mobile devices using ASP.NET, PHP, Delphi, and Flash.

Web Mobile


Peacekeeper has developed and deployed a wide range of applications from auctions to advertising engines to lead management systems to search engines and more. One of our larger projects processed over a billion monthly transactions for a 1.5 million member reward system.


PHP, MySQL, and Apache

Peacekeeper has deployed many Facebook apps, 50 different flash game web sites, 4 web based Facebook RPGs, and multiple Wordpress sites using these technologies. Technology and content we have developed currently powers websites reaching over 75 million users last year and over 120 million players worldwide since 2008.


Android, iOS, and HTML5

Peacekeeper has deployed over 250 Android and iOS apps using Adobe AIR and Delphi with various addons such as AdMob, AdHub, Google IAB, Playhaven, and many more. We have deployed our apps to Google Play, Samsung Apps, Apple iTunes, Amazon AppStore, and ad hoc enterprise. These apps have been downloaded over 8 million times.


Flash Game Development

Peacekeeper has deployed over 500 different flash games over the last 8 years using Adobe Flash that have been played over 215 million times. Everything from dress up games to action games to puzzle games to physics games to RPG games and many more.